Hannah J. Patterson: Feminist Trailblazer


Hannah J. Patterson: Feminist Trailblazer


A collection of photographs and images pertaining to the life of Hannah J. Patterson, suffragist and social activist


Compiled and researched by Amy Ensley, Director of the Hankey Center for the History of Women's Education, Wilson College


Hankey Center for the History of Women's Education, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA




Amy Ensley, Director of the Hankey Center

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Suffrage cause in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Press November 12, 1912 photograph of "Women Who Were Honored by Suffrage Ranks. Top, left - Mrs. Frank M. Roessing of Pittsburgh, who was selected president of the Pennsylvania Suffrage Association. Top, right - Miss Hannah Patterson of…

Patterson Leads Pittsburgh Suffrage Parade
The National American Woman Suffrage Association organized parades in a variety of cities for May Day. Hannah J. Patterson in her role as Chair of the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Party led the parade in Pittsburgh. Patterson is pictured in the center…

Pittsburgh Suffrage Parade Line-up
This suffrage parade held in Pittsburgh in May 1912 began at the Pittsburgh suffrage headquarters at the Jenkins Arcade Building on Penn Avenue, proceeded to Anderson St. to Liberty Avenue to Fifth Avenue back at the Arcade. The line-up included…

Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association meeting in Scranton
This is a close-up photograph of Hannah J. Patterson holding a Votes for Women banner at the annual PWSA meeting in Scranton, PA in November 1914

Suffrage Leader Predicts Victory
This is a photograph accompanying an article in The Allentown Democrat June 2, 1915 about the failure of a bill to allow women to be poll watchers at the November election

Patterson Throws Out the First Pitch
Evening Ledger (Philadelphia, PA), October 4, 1915 article describing a "Suffrage Day" event on July 7, 1915, Hannah Patterson threw out the first pitch in a double-header baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Giants. The…

NAWSA Leadership at Republican National Convention
Photograph from a newspaper article June 1916

Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) August 12, 1917 article. The Chair of the committee is Anna Howard Shaw. Other members include Mrs. Philip N. Moore, past president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, Mrs. Josiah E. Cowles, current president…

Women of the Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense
Photographs of the executive committee of the Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense in 1918.
Clockwise from top left: Mrs. Josiah Cowles, President and Mrs. Wilson, Miss Hannah J. Patterson, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. Philip…

Hannah Patterson addresses child welfare
Headline "Child Welfare Committee Will See that Babies are Cared For, Despite War Conditions in U.S. Members include Dr. Franklin H. Martin, professor of pediatrics, chairman of the general medical board and member of the advisory committee of the…

Hannah Patterson Assistant to the Secretary of War
Patterson was the assistant TO the Secretary of War not Assistant Secretary of War. And she was MISS Patterson not Mrs.
The Washington Times, October 24, 1919

Anniversary of the 19th Amendment
Photograph of Suffrage leaders gathered at the Pennsylvania State Building at the Sesquicentennial to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Pictured, left to right: Miss Hannah J. Patterson of Pittsburgh;…

Hannah Patterson with the Pittsburgh Brokerage Firm
Image from an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on December 16, 1927 announcing Patterson's role as an advisor to women with stock accounts with the J.H Holmes Investment Co. in Pittsburgh, PA

Jenkins Arcade, Pitsburgh PA
In 1911 the Equal RIghts Association of Western Pennsylvania opened its headquarters in the Jenkins Arcade in Pittsburgh

Woman Suffrage Walkless Parade
Thousands of women formed a double row along Locust Street between the Jefferson Hotel and the Coliseum where the convention was held. They planned for the "walkless parade" to last until noon on June 14th and they planned a torchlight parade and…

Woman Suffrage Tableau at the DNC, St. Louis
From a discussion published by Randolph Hollingsworth on Monday, October 28, 2019 on the H-net Kentucky resources site: At noon they presented a “tableau vivant” of women on the steps of the old city Art Museum building at 19th and Locust streets.…
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