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Attic Black figure Olpe
Olpe jug used for the decanting of wine. Decorated with a panel showing a young man playing the kithara, probably as a competitor in a musical contest

Red-figure skyphos
Two handled wine cup decorated with an owl and olive sprays, symbols of Athena and the city of Athens.

Mycenaean stirrup jar
Mycenaean stirrup jar used for perfumed oil.

Tetra Drachma
Athens tetra drachma. Obverse: head of Athena Parthenos with helmet and earring; reverse: Owl standing on amphora, olive wreath. Weight: 17g

Glass jar.
Large glass jar found in a burial, possibly cinerary urn.

Miniature proto-Corinthian kotyle decorated with running hounds in black-figure.

Apulian Red-figure Pelike
Apulian, red-figure Pelike from South Italy. A type of amphora used to hold wine and water. Decorated on both sides with marriage scenes of bride and groom, (the dressing of the bride).

Terracotta horse
Terracotta figurine of a horse.

Unguentarium, glass flask
Blue glass flask for cosmetics.

Unguentarium, glass flask
Glass flask for cosmetics.

Double glass flask
Double glass flask, unguentarium, for cosmetics.

Glass flask
Bulbous glass flask

Earrings with ruby inlay, pearl pendant.

Door knocker
Bronze door knocker with lion head and large ring.

Roman lamp
Roman oil lamp, mold-made and decorated with stamped pattern and raised laughing faces.

Egyptian mummy mask
Egyptian stucco Mummy mask from the Roman period in Fayum, Egypt.

Ushabti figure
Ushabti figure. Small figure buried with the dead to aid the soul.

Askepius statue
Reduced copy of the large statue of Asklepius. Date of original: 4th century

Alabaster bottle
Alabaster bottle for wine or perfumed oil; sacrificed at burial or given as gifts to the dead.

Baby feeder
Red-figure baby feeder vase from South Italy.

Red-Figure Lekythos
Red-figure lekythos from Southern Italy. Decorated with a scene of a hero sacrificing a cock on an altar.

Attic Black-figure Kylix
A wine cup called a Little Master lip cup. On each side is inscribed in Greek: "Hail, and drink heartily." Main View.

Red-figure fish plate
Red-figure plate with a depression for sauce. Decorated with three large fish.

Stirrup Jar
Mycenaean stirrup jar used for perfumed oil.

Amphipolis Gold stater
Gold stater, Alexander the Great Obverse: Athena; Reverse: Nike (Goddess of Victory) Weight: 9g

Glass bottle
Glass bottle for wine or perfumed oil; sacrificed at burial or given as gifts to the dead.

Woman figurine
Terracotta figurine of a woman or a goddess.

Pig votive animal
Votive animal for offerings. Pig.

Roman Lamp
Roman lamp, mold-made with three wicks, rounded bottom and palmette-design on handle.

Fragment of a wall painting
Fragment of a wall painting, fresco.

Wooden bird figure
Wooden figure of a falcon, possibly a symbol for the god Horus.

Ushabti figure
Ushabti faience figure.

Child's necklace
Child's necklace made with several gemstones such as carnelian, featuring intaglio.
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