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Letter from the Greenville Project sent out to the summer volunteers. The letter includes an update on activities in Greenville. The second page is nearly illegible.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family written on Wed. October 14, 1964. The letter discusses Pat Vail's "freedom school" for elementary school kids to teach them about the freedom to vote and includes singing and artwork based on COFO's freedom primer…

Letter from Pat Vail to her family on March 22, 1965, written from city jail. The letter describes the events leading up to her arrest and her time in jail.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family on April 3, 1965 after her stint in jail. The letter is typed on the back of a flyer advertising: "15 People were arrested for crossing a street in Greenville. What are you going to do about it? Mass meeting…


Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on April 10, 1965. In the letter she discusses her birthday, her Dad's talk at the Calvary Episcopal Church (likely related to the civil rights work Pat was involved in), Wilson College's involvement in the…

Letter from Pat Vail to her family in May 1965. In the letter she discusses family news as well as the ongoing efforts to desegregate schools.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family. The letter discusses Pat's return from Miami to Greenville, Miss. and the amount of work she has to do, as well as events related to the Mississippi Freedom Project's efforts in the area.

Court summons for the Chancery court of Washington County, Mississippi to the sheriff of Washington County. The sheriff was commanded to summon seventeen individuals, including Pat Vail, and the Council of Federated Organizations, Delta Ministry, and…

Note from Laura C[?ley] to Pat Vail. It reads: "Pat, I was cleaning my desk yesterday and found this letter you wrote back in the Freedom Summer. Since it's an original, I didn't want to throw it out even though you had a copy. I thought about your…

Article in the Chicago Daily News by M.W. Newman. The article is about the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), nicknamed 'Snick'.

A chronology of the Council of Federated Organizations' (COFO) contacts with the Neshoba County law enforcement officers related to the three missing men in Jackson, Mississippi of Schwerner, Cheney, and Goodman.

A brochure from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party regarding Congress, civil rights, and the Freedom Democratic Party's preferred candidates: Fannie Lou Hamer, Annie Devine, and Victoria Gray.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family.

List of materials needed for Mississippi Summer Project volunteers. The list was created by Gail Falk and distributed by the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO).

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party brochure includes information related to the development of the Party, Party issues and organizations, Freedom registration and candidates, and the challenge to the Democratic National Convention.

"Mississippi Faces Challenge" newsletter from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party related to challenging the Mississippi Delegation at National Convention.

Letter to parents of COFO's Mississippi Summer Project volunteers asking them to take action to urge the government to secure protection for the volunteers. The letter included a report of activities, action items for their local community and for…

Chronology of events related to the disappearance of three men in Philadelphia, Mississippi: Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, and Michael Henry Schwerner.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on her 3rd day in city jail in Mississippi.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, discussing various personal issues including the Wilson Club in Boston and smoking.

Resolution of the parents and citizens of Washington county regarding desegregation in public schools.

Letter to parents of all Mississippi Summer volunteers from the Council of Federated Organizations. Robert Moses, director of the Mississippi Summer Project, wrote to request action for all concerned with the safety of the volunteers. Moses…

Brochure advertising the work of the Students for a Democratic Society including the vision and projects of the organization.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family containing mostly personal discussion.

Questionnaire used by volunteers to assist with voter registration in Mississippi.

Document about the White Folk's Project (WFP)

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on July 10, 1965. In the letter she discusses registering voters and the Freedom School. This file is a transcription of the actual letter, which is also in the collection

White Citizens Council flyer from Selma, Alabama
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