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Clover Club History 2.0.pdf
This document comprises the history of the Philadelphian gentleman's dining club known as the Clover Club. Its history includes the creation and naming of the club, traditions, notable members, as well as the club's influence which continues into…

Portrait of McClure 1906.jpg

Manufacturers' Club Menu 1890.jpg
This is the menu served at a club dinner which McClure attended. In the menu's bottom right corner, "Mr. McClure" embossed in gold can be read.

Hibernian Society dinner 1883 pg 01.jpg
The dinner menu includes the courses served, toasts administered, and the musical selections performed by Simon Hassler's Orchestra.

Hibernian Society 1876 100th Anniv of Consitution Dinner.jpg
This is the cover of the dinner menu celebrating the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution.

Dedication of the Alexander K. McClure School 1911 Programme.jpg
This is the program presented during the dedication of the Alexander K. McClure School in Philadelphia, PA. The program includes the event details and schedule, including his presentation of a portrait of A.K. McClure.

Confederate Veteran Correspondence 1913 pg 338-39.jpg
The Confederate Veteran published letters exchanged between Honorable Andrew Carnegie and A.K. McClure in 1901. McClure discusses philanthropic opportunities in the South, of which Carnegie declines to contribute due to residual negative feelings in…

Confederate Veteran Article 1908 pg 245.jpg
This article comprises McClure's reflections on the 1860s and the Civil War, predominantly discussing the roles played by Union President Abraham Lincoln and Confederacy President Jefferson Davis. The article acts as a tribute to both men.

Clover Club_Peace Jubilee 1898 pg 01.jpg
The menu includes the dinner committee as well as the "rations" (courses) served at the dinner. The event was hosted at the Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia.

Clover Club_McClure name tag.jpg
It is clear that this name tag is affiliated with the Clover Club due to the emblem featured. At the emblem's base are the words "Clover Club." There are also symbols of a clover and the Clover Club Grill. "A votre sante!" is featured as well.

Clover Club_Certificate of Attendance_1889.jpg
This document certified that A.K. McClure attended a Clover Club dinner at the Bellevue Tavern in 1889. It includes the club's emblem and traditional toast in the bottom left corner. It is signed by the club's first president, Moses P. Handy.

Clover Club_4th Anniversary Dinner Invitation_1886.jpg
This is the cover of the club's 4th anniversary dinner menu. The dinner was hosted at the Bellevue Hotel in 1886.

Clover Club_21st Anniversary Menu.jpg
This is the cover of the Clover Club's 21st anniversary dinner menu.

Clover Club Thanksgiving Dinner and Memorial Service to McClure 02.jpg
The Clover Club hosted its Thanksgiving Dinner alongside a memorial service in their late president McClure's honor. This is the menu from that event.

50th Anniv of McClure's Journalism Career dinner 1896 pg 01.jpg
This is a program from the dinner held in honor of McClure's 50th Anniversary of his entrance into journalism.

Tennessee Scotch Irish Society 1st Anniv Dinner pg 01.jpg
The menus featured include the 1st annual banquet of the Tennessee Irish Scotch Society in Nashville, as well as the 7th and 8th annual banquets of the Pennsylvania Irish Scotch Society in Philadelphia.

Lincoln Assoc of the Union League of Phila Reception 1879.jpg
This digital archive includes three items relating to the Lincoln Association of the Union League of Philadelphia: a dance card for a reception in honor of General Grant on December 23, 1879; a 4th anniversary dinner menu; and a 6th anniversary…

Lincoln Association of NJ 27th Annual Dinner 1892 pg 01.jpg
At the association's 27th annual dinner, McClure was invited as a guest speaker. As a friend of the late President Lincoln, McClure's oration is titled "Abraham Lincoln - Personal Recollections." Additionally, the menu includes the courses served and…

Five O'clock Club 1896 pg 01.jpg
This menu was for a dinner in honor of James M. Beck, Esq., United States District Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It features a portrait of Beck, the courses served, the guest list, and a list of officers and active members of the…

Clover Club_7th Anniversary Dinner Booklet.jpg
For the club's 7th anniversary, both a booklet and menu were created. Shaped as a clover, the menu includes the date and location, as well as the courses served. Only the booklet's cover is featured in this digital archive. However, its contents…

Clover Club_5th Anniversary Dinner Invitation_1887.jpg
This menu is dedicated to the club's 5th anniversary. It includes detailed drawings and cartoons featuring committee members and club traditions. It also provides the courses served at the dinner.

Clover Club_22nd Anniversary Dinner Book A Votre Sante illustration.jpg
For the club's 22nd anniversary dinner, the members created an entire book dedicated to the traditions, beliefs, and members of the club. Pages featured include detailed sketches of traditional clover club items, political and humorous cartoons, the…

Clover Club_18th Anniversary Menu.jpg
This menu is dedicated to the club's 18th anniversary. It includes the dinner's various committees, the club's active, non-resident, and honorary members, as well as the courses to be served at the dinner.

Clover Club_10th Anniversary Menu pg 01.jpg
This clover-shaped menu includes the date and location of the club's 10th Anniversary dinner. The courses served are listed, and on the back of the menu, one of the club's favorite toasts ("A votre sante!") and an image of the Clover Club Grill can…

Clover Club 1902 Memorial Dinner 01.jpg
This entirely cloth menu is bound together with a metal clover pin. In tribute to "the Grand Army of the Republic," the menu features the lyrics and musical composition of the Star-Spangled Banner, the dinner courses or "rations," and a list of…

Clover Club 1894 Dinner Menu 01.jpg
This menu includes the date and location of the dinner, as well as a list of the courses served. It also features detailed artwork of the Loving Cup and the Clover Club Grill.

Clover Club 1883 Dinner Menu 01.jpg
This menu includes the courses served, detailed cartoons of club members and other images relating to the dinner, as well as a poem featuring the clover on the menu's back cover.
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