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An action shot from a women's tennis match

An action shot of a women's doubles tennis match

volleyball 3.jpg
A picture of a women's volleyball match

Volleyball 2.jpg
An action shot from a women's intramural volleyball game.

volleyball 1.jpg
A photo of women's volleyball from a physical education class

Wilson College volleyball team

An action shot from a women's volleyball game

Wilson College women's tennis team

Tennis 5.jpg
A picture of three women playing tennis

Swimming 4.jpg
6 women standing by the pool in swimsuits and caps

Swimming 3.jpg
Construction of the swimming pool was completed in 1917. Students were required to pass swimming tests and courses were offered in basic technique as well as diving and American Red Cross Life Saving. As with many sports at Wilson, inter-class…

Swimming 2.jpg
A photo of a woman diving into the pool from the high dive

Swimming 1.jpg
A group of women in robes with their swim suit and caps on

Two women playing tennis

A group playing volleyball in the gymnasium

During the first season of men's volleyball two women were on the team to have a complete squad.

A picture showing the entire men's volleyball team, including the two women, in a huddle during a match

A group of Wilson students posing with their tennis rackets.

An older picture of a tennis court at Wilson

A picture from the late 1800s of a group of Wilson students, in long dresses, holding their tennis rackets

A group of women from 1890 posing for a picture outside with their tennis rackets

A picture of students carrying the Odds banner. The even odd rivalry is a class based rivalry based off the graduating year of each class. The odds are colored black and red while the evens are green and blue.


The third men's golf team in school history

The men's basketball team from 2016-17.
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