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Newspaper article written by Judy Walborn on non-violent demonstrations

Newspaper article written by James Reston on the Student Education Corps.

Newspaper article about students during the Mississippi Freedom Summer working to register African Americans to vote.

Pat Vail writing home to her family about her training sessions before she headed down to Mississippi

Article in "The Nation" by Jerry DeMuth discussing racism, violence, and support for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Delta Democrat-Times news articles related to civil rights issues in Greenville, Miss. including a picketing at Greenville Mill against alleged discriminatory practices and the grand jury charged with looking into the deaths of three civil rights…

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written in August 1964. In the letter, she discusses how exciting it is to be in the midst of the burgeoning freedom party and to play an active role in change, rather just reading about it. Transcription in PDF.

Letter from Burke Marshall, Assistant Attorney General, to Congressman James Fulton in reply to Fulton's own letter forwarding the concerns of Mr. and Mrs. Vail for the safety of the Mississippi Summer volunteers.

Letter from Pat Vail, written on July 2, 1964. In the letter, she discusses living and working in Greenville, Mississippi. Transcription in PDF file.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on June 22, 1964 after Vail arrived in Oxford, Ohio. She describes the disappearance of three men from the Summer Project and the federal government's refusal to investigate. She also asks her family to…

Reprint from the Delta Democrat-Times of several articles: "New Racist Organization Terrorizes Several South Mississippi Counties", "White Association Disclaims Violence Charges as Negroes Point to 5 Deaths".

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on March 14, 1964. She discusses her hopes to work for SNCC over the summer as part of the Mississippi Summer Project. Transcription of letter in PDF file.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on July 10, 1965. In the letter she discusses registering voters and the Freedom School.

Dayton Daily News article dated June 25, 1964, describing the efforts of Civil Rights volunteers, including Pat Vail, in Oxford, MS.

Brochure explaining the aims of Students for a Democratic Society including racial equality, disarmament, jobs and abundance, civil liberties, and liberal education.

Letter from U.S. Senator Joseph Clark to Pat Vail regarding federal protection for civil rights workers in Mississippi.

Letter from Hugh Scott responding to the Vail family's concerns over the student workers.

Memorandum regarding three bombings of African-Americans' homes in McComb, Miss. in June 1964.

june 26, 1964.pdf
Letter from Pat Vail to her family discussing the Cronkhite special on the Mississippi Project, items she needs while out on the Project, and her move to the Greenville office. Transcription of letter in PDF file.

Letter from Congressman Jim Fulton to the Vails regarding Pat's participation in Freedom Summer and the need for federal protection for the workers in Mississippi.

Follow-up letter from Jim Fulton containing a letter from Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice regarding the Mississippi Summer Project sent to Mr. and Mrs. Vail.
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