Patterson Throws Out the First Pitch


Patterson Throws Out the First Pitch


Photograph from newspaper article detailing Suffrage Day at a National League baseball game in which Hannah Patterson threw out the first pitch


Evening Ledger (Philadelphia, PA), October 4, 1915 article describing a "Suffrage Day" event on July 7, 1915, Hannah Patterson threw out the first pitch in a double-header baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Giants. The women were credited with turning things around for the Phillies who hadn’t won pennant in 33 years and were struggling that season, too.
The suffragists sold tickets and filled the box seats. They offered a $10 gold piece to any Phillies player who got a home run. After losing the first game, the Phillies won the second game 1 – 0. They vowed to keep up the winning streak. And they did. The suffragists proclaimed that every player and every fan should vote for the suffrage amendment on November 2 since women had been responsible for the team winning the National League pennant. The Phillies luck did not last through the World Series, however, they lost to the Red Sox four games to one.


October 1915




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