Dress rehearsal solo

Jane Graham practices at a 1963 dress rehearsal.


Phoebe Balsley Neville leaps on stage, 1964.

Rehearsal with set piece

Jane Graham rehearses with a set piece, 1963.

"The Absurd Concert"

"The Absurd Concert," 1968.

Student performs

A portrait Wilson College student and member of Orchesis as she performs on stage, 1970.

Student solo

Jane Graham dances barefoot on stage, 1963.

"A Woman Like Phaedra"

"A Woman Like Phaedra," 1967.


"Bharatanatyam," 1954.

"As I Lay Eyeing"

"As I Lay Eyeing," 1969.

Center stage

"Center Stage," 1963.

"Danza de la Muerte"

Wilson College student and Orchesis member, Felice Jennings, performs a solo during a piece entitled "Danza de la Muerte (Dance of Death)," 1970.


"Bharatanatyam," 1954.


"Interim," 1969.

Phoebe Balsley Neville

Phoebe Balsley Neville, 1962.

Solo rehearsal

Marilyn Meyers rehearses for a performance, 1964.