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o Born: December 18, 1866 in Chambersburg, PA
o Died: August 9, 1947
o Professor emeritus of Latin
o Wilson College Class of 1889
o Taught for 33 years at Wilson
o Traveled to California and Honolulu
o Sailed from New York through Panama…

o Originally appointed to fill one lecture from missing professor
o Appointed full time assistant professor 1931
o Daughter of President Warfield

o Born: May 31, 1873
o Died April 1972
o Bachelor of Arts from Gettysburg College
o Began working at Wilson 1917-41
o Previously worked at Kentucky College for Women
o Professor of bible
o Chairman of YWCA committee
o Taught Hebrew classes


o Born: April 30, 1886 in Richmond, VA
o Died: November 19, 1962
o Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Richmond University
o PhD from Johns Hopkins University
o Wilson College 25 years as faculty (1923-1948)
o Professor emeritus…

o Born 1893
o Died November 21, 1987
o Chairman of department of American history and political science
o Professor Emeritus 1925-61
o Traveled after retirement
o Fellow of Great Britain’s Royal Historical Society
o $300,000 endowment…

o Born: May 16, 1890
o Died: December 1, 1975
o PhD Columbia University 1918
o Taught at Wilson College from 1923-1958
o Sabbatical year studying variation among shark breeds: Japan, Ceylon, Java, China
o Worked with the Pentagon during WWII…

 Born: Dec. 1, 1902
 Bachelor of Arts: Goucher College, Masters: University of Michigan, PhD: Johns Hopkins
 Taught Chemistry at Wilson College Wilson 1928-67
 Chairman of the Department of Chemistry
 Nominated by Wilson College President…

 Born: February 1, 1895 Philadelphia, PA
 Died: July 22, 1980
 B.A. Wellesley College
 Masters and PhD University of Pennsylvania
 Served 2 years in the Peace Corps after her retirement (Malawi, Africa) 70 years old at the time
 Traveled…

 Born: February 23, 1895 Chambersburg, PA
 Died: February 27, 1980
 Wilson College Class of 1915, Bachelor of Arts
 Began her teaching career as a professor of history at Wilson College (2 years) before moving on to Elmira College (1922-36),…
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