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A view of Riddle Hall, the dormitory, in the snow.

Warfield (5).jpg
Front view of Warfield Hall, or Recitation Hall as it was originally known. The building was completed in 1930 with classrooms and lecture halls.

Gymnasium (4).jpg
This postcard with a lovely inscription shows a front view of the gymnasium, which was built in 1900.

Library (8).jpg
The historic John Stewart Memorial Library originally opened in 1925 and was later restored and expanded, reopening in spring 2016.

MainEntrance (12).jpg
This card shows the pedestrian side of the old Main Entrance to campus with Norland Hall in the background.

MainEntrance (5).jpg
View of the front doors of the John Stewart Library though the pillars of the Main Entrance.

mainEntrance (14).jpg
A view of the Main Entrance to Campus prior to 1925 with Norland Hall hidden behind trees to the left.

This view of the Main Entrance to campus does not yet show the library, which shows that the image is from before 1925 when the library was built.

Conococheague  (9).jpg
A view of the Conococheague with trees and canoes. The back of the card is postmarked 1912.

A view of the Campus Green with Edgar Hall to the left and Lortz Hall to the right. The card was postmarked in 1929.

CampusGreen (2).jpg
This view shows Thomson Hall to the left and Norland Hall hidden behind the trees to the right. The card was postmarked in 1956.

Warfield (7).jpg
Front view of Warfield Hall, or Recitation Hall as it was originally known. The building was completed in 1930 with classrooms and lecture halls.

ThompsonMusicHall (2).jpg
View of Thomson Music Hall, which was completed in 1903 to provide space for the successful music department of the college. Its architectural design is the Baroque Jacobethan Style and it is composed of mostly limestone and sandstone trims. Thomson…

SouthHall (3).jpg
South Hall, which was built in 1899 as a student dormitory.

The front entrance of Riddle Hall with students.
Riddle Hall was dedicated in June 1928 and named after long time Wilson Trustee, Henry Alexander Riddle. His daughter, Elisabeth ‘1897, served as hostess to the college at the time of the dormitory’s…

A view of Norland Hall in the foreground and Edgar Hall in the background. Norland Hall was built in 1855 and rebuilt in 1868.

This card shows the three main buildings on campus, Norland Hall, Mail Hall, and Edgar Hall. By 1903, the Main Hall Extension and Edgar Hall (at right) had been completed, forming the central complex of College buildings.
This card was…

A postcard of Lortz Hall with an inscription on the back and a 1926 Postal stamp.
Lortz was built in 1923 as a science hall and later housed the psychology department. Today, it is the art center of the campus.

Library (5).jpg
John Stewart Memorial Library, which was built in 1925 and expanded in 2016.

A view of the original part of today's science center on campus. The Science Center was built in 1967 and named after President emeritus Paul S. Havens. The building provided facilities for the biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics…

Gymnasium (3).jpg
This card shows the gymnasium, which was built in 1900 from Trenton limestone with red sandstone trimmings.

EdgarHall (2).jpg
Front view of Edgar Hall, which was built in 1903 and named for Rev. Dr. John Edgar, President of the college from 1883-1894.

Fletcher Hall, which does not exist anymore, is to left of Harmony Cottage and South Hall in this image.
Fletcher Hall was purchased in 1892 and rebuilt into a dormitory in 1897. In 1957, the dorm was torn down.
Harmony Cottage was built in 1897…

Conococheague  (2).jpg
These cards show different scenes of the Conococheague Creek that runs through and along the edge of Wilson College Campus.
Conococheague is a Lenape word and translates as “Water of many turns.” This tributary of the Potomac rises in Northwestern…

CampusGreen (6).jpg
A view of the Main Green with Norland Hall in the background. Colonel Alexander McClure sold this building to Wilson College in 1868. Norland is designed in the Second Empire Style.
The back features a 1939 message from two alumnae to a…

This card features three campus buildings, Penn Hall, Senior Hall, and President Hall, which is now the Hankey Center. The back of this card shows a postal stamp from 1913.
Penn Hall, or Alumna hall as it was later known, was demolished in the…

Both club houses were built in the early 1900s from gray stone and overlooked the creek. Until 1912, the Scull and Dagger club and the Aloha Club utilized the buildings. After those clubs were no longer in existence, they served as spots for meetings…

This image shows an aerial view of the Wilson College campus after 1930.
The card was sent in 1945.
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